Teach you to easily eliminate the hidden dangers of bathroom decoration

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Teach you to easily eliminate the hidden dangers of bathroom decoration

The damp environment of the bathroom space leads to many hidden dangers in the decoration process. Therefore, in the bathroom decoration process, we must do a good job in the consolidation of basic work, pay attention to details, and eliminate hidden dangers.

First, the shower screen hidden danger

There is a hidden danger: the rails fall off

Hidden cause: The sliding rail and the door are not well fixed, causing the sliding door or the sliding rail shower screen to fall; the two ends of the rail are not sealed, and the sliding rail slides out from both ends.

Correct handling: the two ends of the track should be sealed to avoid pushing the slide rails; the screws between the slide rails and the door must be tightly connected.

Second, the hidden danger of the basin

Hidden danger: seepage

Hidden cause: When the basin is installed, the sealing is not strict, the water pipe is not reserved, and the bracket is not fixed, which causes various problems.

Correct handling: If you want to choose the "full body" for the wash basin, you can't choose the one with only one layer of surface rubber shell, because the surface of the surface rubber shell can not be repaired once it is damaged. In addition, the joint between the countertop and the washbasin must be filled with a grout to prevent water from seeping out.

Third, the ground drain hidden danger

Hidden danger: blockage

Hidden causes: The floor drain design is unreasonable, resulting in unsmooth water flow and blockage.

Treatment method: The reserved holes for drainage are relatively large, so it is necessary to pay attention to refurbishing the reserved holes for drainage to make it match the floor drain that was bought back. In order to prevent the entry of dirt such as hair, sludge, sand, etc., the opening diameter of the refining scorpion should be controlled between 6-8mm. During the renovation, there was no necessary protection for the floor drain, and it was exposed to the outside. Stones or other small objects were glory and the pipes were blocked.

Fourth, the circuit design hidden dangers

Hidden danger: leakage

Hidden causes: Circuits are mixed, and power safety problems are prone to occur under overload conditions.

Treatment method: The circuit design of the bathroom is preferably designed separately, and the electrical equipment exceeding 3000W power always needs separate circuit control. The leakage protector connected to each line needs to be related to the total power of the electrical equipment connected to this line, and cannot be selected at will. The wiring of the bathroom should be horizontal and vertical, and the circuit should go from the ceiling. The electrical switch should be placed outside the bathroom as much as possible. The wiring of the bathroom space must be sealed and waterproofed and insulated. If there is a socket in the bathroom, keep it away from the water source and add a protective cover.

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