What are the techniques for moisture protection in wedding room bathrooms?

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What are the techniques for moisture protection in wedding room bathrooms?

In the wedding room decoration project, there is a small detail that is the moisture-proof work of the bathroom decoration. Many newcomers often ignore this small detail, especially the wedding rooms of many small-sized houses, without windows, which are very prone to moisture and even mildew. Therefore, the moisture-proof of the bathroom is the key link in the renovation of the new house. Today Xiaobian will share with you the tips of the wedding room bathroom decoration moisture-proof.

A bathroom without a window is a problem because it is difficult to maintain a dry environment because it is not visible. The following measures for moisture-proofing of bathrooms are simple, practical and effective, and are well received by younger generations of young couples.

Wooden cabinets are prone to moisture, so metal high cabinets have become the smart choice for many newlyweds in wedding room decoration.

Waterproof aluminum foil condensate natural enemies

Although the bathroom decoration is generally tiled, however, when bathing, a large amount of condensed water will always be generated, and the water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the table, causing mold damage to the cabinet. A layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad is added to the bottom of the cabinet to effectively block the water vapor generated during the shower.

Double umbrella for waterproof bottom drain

Most of the basins are directly connected to the cabinet. Therefore, the outlet pipes of the basin often pass through the bottom plate and enter the ground. Over time, the condensate of the basin will also be immersed in the bottom of the cabinet with the edge of the panel, which will cause the cabinet to be deformed by moisture. To solve this problem, simply install a waterproof leak at the outlet of the bottom of the pool.

Waterproof material blocks the first barrier of water vapor

As we all know, the wooden bathroom cabinet is easy to damage and deform after it absorbs water. For this reason, its placement position is very particular. However, the bathroom of an ordinary family cannot have a large space reserved, so it is not easy to divide the wet and dry. . For this reason, when purchasing a bathroom cabinet, you should buy a composite board such as fireproof board, wear-resistant board, and polymer as a cabinet material. They not only have good moisture resistance, but also simulate the color of solid wood. . In the place where the cabinet is in contact with the cabinet door, it is better to install some rubber strips, which can easily reduce the noise caused by closing the door, and also allow the water vapor to be rejected, thus completely blocking the intrusion of moisture.

When the wedding room is decorated with a lot of water vapor, there must be a lot of moisture-proof work, and it must be done at the beginning to avoid unnecessary rework.

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